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Last Supper Private Tour
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Last Supper Private Tour

A Private Tour is the best way to visit Milan, discovering the most characteristic sides of the city, visiting the most suggestive sites and living a unique and unforgettable experience.

On request private tours can be arranged according to your needs, scheduling specific itineraries to suit your preferences.

The importance of a private tour online reservation:

By visiting Milan with a Private Tour you will closely observe the most important works of the Lombard capital.
The online booking system will allow you to organize your trip in a fast and secure way while enjoying the most of your stay.

Milan Museum will be able to offer you within 24 hours a unique Private Tour and if you wish we could also create one based on your needs.

Milan Museum offers you a wide range of Private Tours customized to your needs and will arrange private tours with the aim to provide you with the best experience.

Some characteristics of the private tours

The meeting point with your guide will be communicated on the confirmation voucher. It could be possible to meet the guide directly at your hotel if you stay in the central area of the city.
If your accommodation is outside Milan, we can provide a private transport service that will take you directly to the meeting point with the guide.

In the event that the tour provides a museum visit, with our booking service you can jump the queue at the ticket office and enter the museum without wasting time.

The guide will be at your disposal to explore the areas of your interest or special topics like the life of an artist, or specific works and curiosities.

The advantages of choosing a private tour

The art works and the artists will have no more secrets with a private tour!

  • Choose the date of your visit
  • You can set the time that suits your needs
  • You will have a guide at your disposal
  • Deepen your knowledge of a particular interest
  • Choose to change the itinerary according to your preferences

How can Milan Museum arrange a private tour?

Milan Museum has long been a leader in the field of cultural tourism.
We organize the best private guided tours as we are specialized in the incoming tourism!
We have a wide range of private tours, plus our guides have an excellent knowledge of the language and all of them are authorized by the province of Milan.

Milan Private Tours: how to choose and why

Reliability, security and experience make of Milan Museum one of the leading tour operators in the market.
By browsing within our site you will find the section on Private Tours where you will find all our offers.
Therefore choose the visit that suits your wishes and Milan Museum will be pleased to help you.

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