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Gift Voucher Avoid the long queue at the museums’ entrance in Milan! Our exclusive Booking Service allows you to reserve your tickets online to visit the museums in Milan, on the day and time you wish. In this way you can avoid the lines and have more time for enjoying the museum.

Milan Guided Tours: visit the museums in Milan (Leonardo’s Last Supper, Brera Gallery, Pinacoteca Ambrosiana etc…) with a guide! Our guided tours are lead by an expert guide and in the language you prefer. For people who don’t wish to visit the museums on their own, or for people who desire to hear the hidden stories and anecdotes, a guided tour is the best way to discover the museums. Our guided tours cover the most famous sites and monuments of the city.

Special Offers and Temporary Exhibitions:

Codex Atlanticus Tickets - Milan Museums Tickets

The Codex Atlanticus is the world's largest collection of drawings and writings by Leonardo da Vinci and has been preserved since 1637 at the Biblioteca Ambrosiana...


Brera Picture Gallery Tickets - Milan Museums Tickets

The Brera Picture Gallery is located in the homonymous building in Via Brera 28 in Milan. The Gallery was the first museum in Milan and is one of the most outstanding...